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If Anyone Calls, Tell Them I Died by Emanuel Rosen

The Holocaust and its aftermath were not often discussed in families of second-generation survivors. In Tel Aviv of the 1960s, Emanuel Rosen grew up …

If Anyone Calls, Tell Them I Died by Emanuel Rosen

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With a few reviews under my belt

Now that I’ve reviewed three books (wow, I guess I can commit if I really, really try!), I have a bit of a perspective on how I’ve been doing. This is what I’ve picked up on thus far


  • I’ve gotten to touch on pretty varied material in three books: religion and modern life, personal history, and biblical fiction.
  • I’ve traveled to ancient times, the middle ages and modern day US.
  • I have read both fiction and non fiction
  • I had a chance to ask myself some pretty important questions
  • I am enjoying reading with a critical eye and am skimming less than I normally do when reading
  • I am actually retaining the information that I am reading about much more so than before


  • I had a really hard time taking notes and keeping track of my thoughts
  • I didn’t always care for the choices of what authors included or didn’t include in the work
  • I am still struggling with the format of the blog
  • I am not quite sure what works and what doesn’t
  • I am still a bit intimidated at the scope of this blog that I am taking on

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