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I love love love this meme and I almost forgot to do it! This Tuesday it’s top ten books on my spring TBR list as hosted by the fabulous Broke and Bookish!

These are just books new to me, not necessarily new to being born on paper and/or electronic devices!

This along with Kabbalah has always held my interest!


Hoping to read this one with my non-book reader boyfriend!

2. 3.

Gotta keeping going!


Because it comes highly recommended.


Because come on! I have to!


Because my mom is one.


At this point, because I’ve had the book for over a month and I don’t want the library to have it back! (JK)


Because Jane Eyre!!!!!


Because she is one of my favorite authors and how can I not?


Part of my continuous quest about learning where my genetic roots lie.

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With a few reviews under my belt

Now that I’ve reviewed three books (wow, I guess I can commit if I really, really try!), I have a bit of a perspective on how I’ve been doing. This is what I’ve picked up on thus far


  • I’ve gotten to touch on pretty varied material in three books: religion and modern life, personal history, and biblical fiction.
  • I’ve traveled to ancient times, the middle ages and modern day US.
  • I have read both fiction and non fiction
  • I had a chance to ask myself some pretty important questions
  • I am enjoying reading with a critical eye and am skimming less than I normally do when reading
  • I am actually retaining the information that I am reading about much more so than before


  • I had a really hard time taking notes and keeping track of my thoughts
  • I didn’t always care for the choices of what authors included or didn’t include in the work
  • I am still struggling with the format of the blog
  • I am not quite sure what works and what doesn’t
  • I am still a bit intimidated at the scope of this blog that I am taking on

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