Reader’s Confession

I am not good at tooting my own horn so here are some basics, toot worthy or not.

1. I am an Accountant by trade and general preference

2. I work for a Jewish organization and I do happen to be Jewish though it is by far not that common where I work.

3. I happen to have a minor in Jewish Studies

4. I hated learning to read in 1st grade but once the magic light went off in my head, that was it for me.

5. I tend to read about 2 books at once and this year I’ve challenged myself to read 104 books. And I am ahead of schedule!

6. If anything, I am a Reform  Jew in my spiritual beliefs, but I highly pick and choose what I choose to follow. For example, you will probably not find me at services ever though I respect those that attend them. It was simply not something I grew up with and feel much connection to.

7. And yes, I grew up in a shtetl. Family lore has it that my great grandfather had a tiny yeshiva in Shargorod or whereabouts in the early 1900s.

8. I have now been happily married to a wonderful man for eight months!

9. We recently got a gorgeous calico cat Sonia. She is wonderful!


8 responses to “Reader’s Confession

  1. Just got “The Dragon’s Loyalty Award” and nominated you… check it out and participate if you wish 🙂

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  2. Very nice to meet you! I actually passed Shargorod on the way to Vinnitsa and then Zhitomir in 1995. My Great-grandfather was the Rav of Zhitomir, so I went to visit the grave. Even though I grew up in Odessa, I did have two years of shtetl experience, while he was still around.


    • That’s incredible! I’d only seen Odessa as a child during the summer and this was years before I knew my grandmother came from that area.

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      • So your grandmother was from Odessa? I went in 1995 to attend the 200th anniversary of Odessa, and then I used an extra week and paid the driver assigned to me out of my own pocket to drive me to Kiev through Vinnitsa, Zhitomir, and Uman’, to visit gravesides. I was flying back from Kiev, and still had someone to visit there, so it made sense.


  3. Nie takie już prmieprezedrowe wycieki były. A po drugie, przeczytałem jeszcze raz pański komentarz i on brzmi jakby pan wiedział że to właśnie tenże redaktor sprzedaje tą grę. Jakieś dowody że to właśnie TEN redaktor sprzedaje tą grę za 5 tysięcy?


  4. Hmm… Shrimp slaughter… Most shrimp are now grown in ponds so I suppose… 🙂 I could have posted about our pig slaughter, how to do it, etc but after being out in the rain doing it so long that story just didn’t flow. I must say I did appreciate the smell of that hot curried shrimp for dinner. It was my “coffee”, that and Holly’s homemade black bean soup at mid-day.


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