Too many choices are paralyzing

I feel like switching up right now. I know I’ve been saying for a month that I want to do Maggie Anton’s book next but last night it dawned on me that last time I went to the library (yes actual physical building that happens to be conveniently two blocks away from my work), I grabbed only books that would be blog appropriate. So there are three (count them three!)books that seem exceptionally promising sitting on my desk right now gathering dust while instead I am reading about George III on my tablet. How am I over-committing myself already? Its only going to be my fifth review.

So…….I shall be choosing amongst the three very different books below (interesting how all the covers feature woman but only in Anton’s book do we actually see a face – must because in the ancient times women were less shy about their faces?). Maybe I’ll review the next one. Maybe I will read for pleasure of it alone.

So it may be I will next find myself in Babylon with Hisdadukh or Istanbul with Hannah amongst the opulence of the Ottoman court. Or perhaps in NYC again with the sequel to Unorthodox.


From the fingertips of Eugenia S


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