Do I blog enough?

As a blogger of still very short amount of time, I feel like this:


But on another hand I worry that I don’t produce enough to feel like I am attracting enough viewership and followers. When I started the blog, I had a very specific idea and purpose. I was going to read and review only Jewish themed books because I felt that there was a real lack of blogs within this niche and I wanted to spread the word of how much interesting stuff my culture has to offer.

So far, I’ve had a blast with the books I’ve chosen. Having a blog dedicated to Jewish themes is tremendously important in this time when lack of knowledge about my culture is again on the rise and hatred comes out in unexpected places all the time. It’s not necessarily on the reported news in US, but trust me, if you look around online, plenty of other countries are reporting on it all the time. So I feel like I am obligated to give it as much as I can but is it wrong not to give it my constant all? Is it OK to read other books too? It may be easier to attract readers if I reviewed books without such a specific niche. It would be easier even if I had chosen a specific genre to literature only to review. I had tried it before but that blog didn’t really keep me interested because I couldn’t find something that would make it stand out. So I choose to stick it out. I accept that it will take me longer to build readership because not everyone is interested in Jewish books. I also accept that because I read a variety of books, I can’t review them constantly since they are not all blog related. So bear with me readers, I may not be posting every day but I am dedicated every day to bring interesting books to my readers’ eyes and minds in order to show that Jews and Jewish culture are worth your second gander.

From the fingertips of Eugenia S


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