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Life changes

It’s been a rather quiet last few months for me on this blog, no? There were some things happening in my life that I didn’t want to publicize online both because I was asked not to and because I didn’t think it needed to be out there yet. I promise you I’ve been reading. Probably not as much on the blog topics but definitely enough to prepare my mind for what was happening. While my own life was changing, the outside world’s view of the Jewish people has been getting harsher and now I find myself with the idea that it’s even more important to showcase the beauty and variety of Jewish books. We as a people have so much to offer in stories, learning and experiences. And we are proud to do so. And myself right along with that especially now.

So what is this thing I keep referring to that has kept me away from the blog for the last months? Well……here is my reason. At the end of November, my husband and I had our first baby: an adorable little dude, Raphael. I was pretty preoccupied with the pregnancy for most of the year and then once the baby actually came, the postpartum has proved very physically challenging for myself in many ways, never mind the actual child taking care of bit. If you want to see a photo of my little guy, message me and I’ll share. I was about to post a photo of him online but decided that was probably not the smartest idea right now.

My reading freedom has been certainly very hampered but I will be hopefully able to get into some kind of routine again before too long as having a little one definitely offers me a new chance to read to him. There are many lovely children’s books out there that we had been gifted and many lovely Jewish children’s books I can’t wait to read to my little boy. My blogging will continue to be somewhat sporadic until Raphi gets older but I am not going anywhere just yet.



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