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Passover starting

Chag Sameach everyone! Today is the very first full day of Passover. As I’ve said before, I consider myself a more spiritual Jew than a superbly observant one. I pick and choose what resonates with me and for this Passover, I’ve decided to observe the logical version of Passover. I am skipping on the grains that I feel ancient Jews actually had access to: wheat, oats, barley and rice. Yes, there is an off chance Jews would have access to rice that comes from Asia. However, usefully for myself, I am allowing corn! Because corn comes from Americas and I feel that even with the Mediterranean Sea access chances are Jews did not eat corn! And these days you can’t escape the lure of corn. It’s everywhere, even down to the ice cream that I allowed myself to eat. Corn syrup, HFCS is everywhere people and you know what, you have to make do. Below is my breakfast: kosher for my Pesach-yogurt, banana, orange juice and macaroons! And eggs were on the stove!wpid-wp-1428180610264.jpeg

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