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Rokhl’s Golden City: Bury Me Behind the Fence! – Tablet Magazine

Rokhl’s Golden City: Bury Me Behind the Fence! – Tablet Magazine
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Cape for Kali :)

Dear readers,

Please take a look at a delightful new children’s book published by my adopted sister, Rabbi Galina Trefil. In short, this book teaches kids that it’s ok to be different and that in fact, being different is beautiful!  I will be reviewing it later this month!

Link to Cape for Kali



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Another little book blog of mine

I also started blogging for Khetanes World Artist Initiative – I am of course doing what I do best ( at least I’d like to think so) and reviewing books but this time these are books with Romani themes. Take a look at the blog here – Romani Book Blog. I expect to be reviewing one-two books a month specifically focusing on educating myself about Romani culture, history and people.

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