Miss this place

It’s been, God, longer than I can remember since I really engaged with this site and that’s a shame. You would think that in a year of lockdown, blogging would be something one would have time for. But, what with a job and a toddler at home, and just general lockdown life, it’s been hard to think of anything other than the above mentioned.

I’d broken my arm at the end of September and instead of taking the time to fully heal, I went back to work far too fast and stressed myself for more than necessary. To the point that my physical therapist said pointedly to me that I needed more self care.

And then randomly it dawned on me this weekend that I miss this blog and perhaps, I hope, it can be my way back to some self care. To share my reads again.

I’m reading this unique ARC called “Jerusalem as a Second Language” about a Russian Jewish emigre experience in the land that she really doesn’t want to be a part of. so I think I want to share it with y’all when I’m done.


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