Ugh, world history-off topical The Family Romanov

Seriously for anyone romanticizing the Romanov dynasty, please do some actual research. The tsars treated their subjects (read the poor-serfs and later “liberated” peasants) like absolutely less than human. That’s what being an autocrat means. Oh and they and especially Nicholas II who is now considered a martyr, were profoundly and violently anti-Semitic. The Black Hundreds who pogromed the hell out of Jews in 1905-06 were financed by the Tsar for the “good of Russia.” Frankly and this will likely be an unpopular opinion, I don’t blame the Bolsheviks for executing him in 1918. I’m entirely opposed to the murders of their children and servants but he and his wife were evil, racist anti-Semites and I’m just not ok with people seeing them as some kind of holy victims.

That’s what I get for reading history after straight six book fluff reading.


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