Brief but maybe poignant?

I’ve been making slow forays back into the blog land. Mostly I’m still catching up on what everyone has been doing and occasionally I’ll contribute an article of interest 🙂 it’s a slow burn return but I’m here and present. 

Hopefully soon I will be able to share what’s been going on but let it be known that in many ways my head has just been in a different space. And I couldn’t half ass it with the blog so I took an extended break instead. 

I’ve been reading a bunch though. Partially to reduce the number of TBR books in my house. Partially to let go of those I really just wanted to read and not keep. And partially becaus some part of me wanted to revisit certain old favorites. So I’ve been bouncing back and forth between these new ones and oldies on my shelves reorganizing my head and home. 


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