Genetic testing is a must- A Rabbi Pushes for Genetic Testing Beyond Tay-Sachs Disease – Tablet Magazine

Before getting married last year I decided to get tested via Jscreen even though my husband is not a Jew. Getting it all going took quite a bit of work because i had to essentially receive permission from my own doctor and my insurance company to get it done since my company only tested for maybe 3 things. In the end it all worked out mainly due to the fact that my  OB is a saint and agreed to help me and despite the fact that my PCP sucks and refused to even though my insurance wasn’t financially responsible for testing cost. At all. 

So let me tell you, personally a huge weight lifted off me to know what my risks are. Yes, Ken isn’t Jewish but he is European with some small  Eastern dumped in there and you know  what? You never know and I would rather walk into starting a family with my eyes open than unblissfully ignorant. Best $100+ spent. Ever.


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