Waking up to Shabbat

It’s been a very long week. More like very long almost two weeks. Right before Labor Day, allergies struck home and not so quickly spun out into one of the nastiest flus in my recent memory. A week was spent on the couch with not much energy for more than constant stream of television at our brains. Oh yes, both my husband and I were fully sick with the flu though this time around, I got the brunt of the illness stick. Throughout the week, we took care of each other as we hit the stages of the flu plague at different points. Sometimes he had no energy to get up and I ferried endless cups of tea and soup. At other hours, I shivered under a blanket trying hopelessly to not choke on my cough and he brought the sweet salvation. It’s been a LONG week. But we made it through together and as we are about to hit 4.5 months of marriage, there is no one else I would rather be sick with me. So as we head into the restfulness of the weekend, may you all rest as we do on this lovely, healthful Shabbat.



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  1. Hope you’re feeling better! Happy 4.5 month anniversary! 🙂

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