What’s in my head

I’ve had a sort of a review pondering through my head lately. It’s been quite some time since the inspiration has struck, I’ve said that before haven’t I? And I’ve been on a quiet reading streak for months now. For as long as I have commuted to work, I’ve been reading. I am one of those rather lucky people who can read in any moving vehicle ( I know that not everyone can do that!) But lately I’ve been watching a lot of shows on my phone. Maybe I’ve just been super worn out from work or wedding planning or dealing with the many unexpected needs of my grieving dad who can’t always find his way. So it’s been a lot of Netflix and Amazon Prime. Funny thing is that it initially started with a thought to read Jane Eyre which instead turned me to watching various versions of it and then I was just too busy watching whatever sounded interesting. For weeks I’d been watching. I picked up a few books trying to read them but nothing seemed to keep my attention so back to watching I did go. And then a few days ago I think things began to thaw a bit. I am not sure what changed really, I certainly still want to watch things but now I feel interested in books again and with that, I picked up a book that I’ve had for years and something about it touched me. So in a few days I hope to give you some thoughts on this amazing book.


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  1. Josh Wrenn

    Looking forward to your review. And jealous that you can read in the car.


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