So all these promises?

Yea I’ve promised you all a lot and I have been reading new interesting things, such as “A Woman in Jerusalem.” That particular book especially was a bit existential and in the light of the surge of attacks on individuals in Jerusalem in the last week, it is a definite very human look at the life of an unknown, lost soul in the big city. But reviewing it would have been very difficult because frankly I wasn’t sure I could do it justice. So just take me on my word. It’s an interesting read and i want to read more works by this particular Israeli author.

On the hand, I was and am firmly committed to reviewing “A Cape for Kali” next.  Just last night, the author Rabbi Galins Trefil sent the Q&A back to me so my devoted readers, you will get a review AND a Q&A.  I’ve been worn out from work and wedding planning but expect to see these up this qeekend. And if I flake out, call me on it!


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