Top Ten Tuesday!

As always, today’s Top Ten Tuesday comes courtesy of Broke and Bookish.

And without further adieu, books I’d love to see as movies! Please note that these are the lovely books that this insane mind loves so the views expressed in this list are entirely my own and I am proud of each of them 🙂 I also decided to go with seven instead of ten because it’s my favorite number!

  1. Pretty much anything by Susanna Kearsley, below is a good example! Just imagine Russian costumes!15942636
  2. Dresden Files! Again and actually successful this time! TheDresdenFiles2
  3. Mercy Thompson series, my new favorited series  20821263
  4. I desperately love anything having even remotely to do with reincarnation and though I don’t love everything Tracy Chevalier has ever written, The Virgin Blue remains one of my favorite books ever.2873
  5. People of the Book would make a fantastic one as well wpid-wp-1428385435580.jpeg
  6. Peony in Love remains my favorite Lisa See novel, it’s probably a bit too ethnic for a lot of people but it had just enough romance, magic and drama to suck me in. 24472
  7. Oh I read this one years ago but I LOVED IT. To my mind that grew up on Sherlock Holmes, a period thriller with a scientifically minded detective was and is irresistable. 40024
  8. BONUS!!! This is a book I think would make a fantastic board game. I was just at our local game store “(Games of Berkeley shoutout!) and thought that it would fit insanely well in the genre. codex-alera-jim-butcher


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2 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday!

  1. Can’t argue with any of these! I didn’t have time for TTT this week, but I think we would have had some of the same books. Definitely Susanna Kearsley and Mercy Thompson, and “amen” to the idea of Dresden done right!

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