Why I blog

Today I read an entry on a blog that I followed (not any longer). This particular blogger was having a bit of a rant about circumcision, in itself a rather controversial issue. Everyone is entitled to their opinions so I read on to see what his points were. He presented all sides of the argument which was a OK with me until it devolved into a slew of antisemitic phrases. In several lines he insulted the Talmud and the Torah and our traditions and crowned it with “Jews control America.” I won’t bother giving him space on the web but let it suffice to say that I didn’t stand for this kind of bigotry and will continue not to be. Whatever your personal opinion on any practice is, do not bring ethnicity into it. You are insulting  a people  and perpetuating a stereotype. This is why my blog exists, to remind people that we are more than caricatures in someone’s rant. Jews have given the world one of its most famous pieces of writing and we are not demons or puppet masters. I won’t stand for racism and bigotry in my community. Instead I will continue to educate and illuminate.

From the fingertips of Eugenia S



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7 responses to “Why I blog

  1. You go girl!!! This world needs people to stand up and challenge cultural stereotypes… I’m the same… I’m sure I’m not what most people expect a Sikh woman to be like but hey, we’re all human!

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