The Greatest Movie Of All Time

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Notice that I did not say my favorite movie of all time.  My favorite movie, for entertainment, well, that is probably The Boondock Saints or I Love You, Man.  But the greatest movie?  The most powerful, moving, important movie?  Without a doubt in my mind it is Schindler’s List.  There are many great movies, but this one is such a stunning masterpiece, that Spielberg can never tarnish his reputation, even after making Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

No other movie so brilliantly reflects both the darkness of humanity and the heroic compassion.  No other movie speaks so eloquently about the dangers of giving in to the need to feel superior and the ability one person has to make a real difference and literally save lives.  Spielberg’s use of black and white, to echo the actual footage of the time is so…

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3 responses to “The Greatest Movie Of All Time

  1. My high school class watched Schindler’s List and there was not a dry eye in the place!

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