Becoming illuminated

Surprisingly i am greatly enjoying reading Everything is Illuminated this time around. The multi stranded narrative is actually capturing my attention more and seems much easier to follow. I don’t know what’s different this time around. Am I different? Am I simply more open to magically threaded story telling side by side with standard narrative? Am I just having more fun? Or maybe I matured as a reader, had more experience with fantastical writing and thusly became more open to a mixture of styles and narratives. I almost feel like I am catching more in the story than I did on my first few reads, getting the symbolism and parallels more. I certainly hear the voices of the characters in my mind when I read, except of course they are the voices from the movie. 😀

From the fingertips of Eugenia S



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2 responses to “Becoming illuminated

  1. Dima

    Great to hear! I did find those sections quite a challenge at times in my first read, but ultimately just let it wash over me. This makes me want to read it again also. Funny that it’s made you think about my wedding 🙂 I did love the descriptions of the wedding scenes, it’s such rich and beautiful writing in those sections

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