Bought, Sold and Free

I just had to reblog these gorgeous finds.

Hunting for Vintage

Not buying much lately because I’m focusing on getting already purchased items listed in my stores, but I did nip into a few thrift stores this week. (No sense going cold turkey!) I found a framed, needlepoint picture of the Mona Lisa that was weird and fabulous and made my heart beat faster, but it was $50. Yowee! I took a pass on that 😦

But I did buy a few lovely bits…

1-glassdish Two interesting-looking, bubbly glass dishes/ashtrays caught my attention right away. These could be used for all kinds of things.

1-yellowafghan4 Love this expertly handknit afghan. I’m tired just thinking of all the work that went into this! It’s in pristine condition and even smells fresh and clean.

1-Norway1 A Norwegian peanut shaker…who knew there was such a thing!?! Apparently this was part of the Royal Viking Cruise Lines dining room dishes in the 1970s.

And a few lovely bits have already sold…

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March 7, 2015 · 1:28 am

2 responses to “Bought, Sold and Free

  1. Awwwww…thanks Eugenia!!! You made my day 🙂 – Karen

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  2. Now I want to know what a peanut shaker is? Never even knew that was a thing!

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