Nearing the end

As I read through my second book, I come to realize that for me it’s very hard to keep my thoughts to myself until I am done reading. I am the type of annoying person who needs to be muffled during movies to keep my comments to myself. I like to talk. I like to think outloud and that very part of my personality is coming through when I read for reviewing purposes as well. I ask myself questions. Gee, why did it take Dinah so long to get over losing her first love? And didn’t she ever just want to be with a man? How could she never think about her mothers? What about the weather in Egypt? Was it different from Canaan? How come she never went out? How could she live in the garden for almost two decades? Mundane stuff like this. And then it is followed with, damn Anita Diamant makes stuff up well! And look at her attention to detail, she mentions the colorful paintings on the walls of Egyptian homes, she knows about ancient Egypt’s love of nature and color!

How do you bundle all these thoughts into a cohesive review?  Hell if I know. I might get distracted by all the colors.


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