Deep in the midst of Red Tent

After getting through about half way through The Red Tent, I am loath to leave. I hadn’t read it since I was 19 and it more than held up its magic. I am definitely reading the characters differently now because hello, I am not a teenager like Dinah is. I am seeing her behavior and the behaviors and relationships of her mother-aunties differently now because I am now an adult. These women ancestresses make me proud to call them my own. They are strong, they are independent, they pursue what they want and know that they deserve it. I love the emphasis on worshipping the earth and the elements. The women worship many gods and even to my modem monotheistic mind it makes sense.

So stay tuned for review #2 as I continue to figure out and organize my thoughts of what I’ve read.



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2 responses to “Deep in the midst of Red Tent

  1. I super loved this book, I have bought so many copies, I can’t keep one! But everyone else really enjoys it too. Great pick!


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