Thank you for sticking with me!

Just a quicky Hi to you guys! I am so honored that so many of you are still sticking with me even though I’ve been on a bit of a radio silence for a while.I want you to know that I am doing better and although I miss my mom every moment, I am learning to move forward. I am starting to read again at my usual pace and have actually a book in mind that was given to me during my mourning that I would love to comment on here. Alice Hoffman does wonderful nonfiction, you guys!

Anyway, I will be back soon, hopefully after this weekend’s birthday celebration. That would be my own, and I think I might be ready to celebrate myself even though I feel rather wistful at the same time.





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14 responses to “Thank you for sticking with me!

  1. All the best to you, Eugenia, and take care of yourself!
    I have a question; Do you have suggestions about modern short story writers from Israel? I love Amos Oz’ works, but I would like to know more about other writers. Thank you! 🙂


  2. Hope your birthday is wonderful. – Karen

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  3. Good to hear that you’re well but definitely take all the time off you need–this community isn’t going anywhere! Stay super, Eugenia!

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  4. Happy early birthday! And agree – if anyone can break a reading rut, it’s Alice Hoffman. But no need to rush – great books will be there when you’re ready again!

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  5. Sending good thoughts your way. I can’t imagine how you feel, I know I will be devastated when my Mum passes – but hopefully not for many years to come! Hugs to you!

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