It’s hard to enjoy my first love

My first love and eternal salvation has been reading. It’s the thing I could always turn to when I was sad or sick, bored or silly. The measure of how down I am right now is the fact that no book is really grabbing me. In the last two weeks I’ve barely been able to crack a spine of a book, much less shore up desire to even read. All I can seem to do is be mindless. Play Candy Crash. Scour I miss my books. I miss having the connection to a story. It’s something I always connected to my mom. After all she is the done who helped me make the connection between letters when I was 6. I hope that the letter bridge comes back soon so I can have my first love back. My books and my mom.

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6 responses to “It’s hard to enjoy my first love

  1. Hi Eugenia, I still have my Mum. I cannot realize how much I will miss her when she leaves this world. Take care, my friend.

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  2. I think sometime it helps to put the words aside and either walk or wallow. There is nothing worse than staring at something that normally brings you pleasure and engages you and finding that you just feel cut off and disconnected. There have been periods in my life where reading and writing were absolutely impossible, and that’s OK. Take the time you need to be elsewhere in your thoughts right now – the words will still be there when you’re ready to come back.

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    • I’ve definitely been wallowing lots but not much walking. I was with my dad up until Tuesday so I have had very little time of my own to grieve and try to reconnect with myself. Finally back in my own home I am slowly able to wallow. Perhaps I can walk it off. I miss words desperately. Reading has been such a huge part of my identity that’s its inconceivable that my interest is waning.


  3. Sending much love ❤

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